Recalling dreaded white walls and bad lighting, I decided, when we were asked to create a space for a pediatric group, that I was going to make the space not only somewhere that would function well, but somewhere that would be fun for little patients, their parents, doctors, nurses, and employees. From the floor plan and space plan to the fanciful colors and whimsical artwork, a doctor’s office was born that kids may just play hooky to get to visit! I wanted to create a place that addressed all my recollected fears of the doctor’s office from my youth: a place to make you feel better and not one that reminds you that you are sick. It was designed to make visits easy for parents: to have privacy when certain things need to be discussed in confidence and to make them smile to see their sick child forget being sick for a little while because they are preoccupied playing around the fish tank, pointing out artwork, or playing a game in the Kiddie Corral (a small space a child can be placed with toys while mom or dad is trying to write a check for the co-pay) which usually turns out to be a wrestling match between purse straps being pulled and kids saying “Let’s get out of here!” We can honestly say that this space makes for a most pleasant bill paying experience.

And that was our goal: a space where spirits are lifted and you go home on the mend. Please take note of all the little design perks in this space. What kid wouldn’t want to go to the doctor’s office when it looks as much fun as this!?