Window Treatments

     Have you ever walked into a room and thought to yourself that it just feels harsh and unfinished? Yes? That’s okay! That’s why you hire an interior designer; we can help you out! There is a way you can soften a room and give it a more upscale look…window treatments! Window treatments are my favorite part of a room because they are the finishing accessory.

     Window treatments can be more than just something to look at. They play an important role in your room because they can be energy efficient and help you save money. If you have large windows, or live in an older home, they can help preserve your floors, walls, and furniture. Window treatments can help block the sun’s UV rays and won’t damage your interiors.

     A lot of people think of money when they hear the words “window treatments” but they don’t always have to be expensive! There are alternatives to custom window treatments. Several companies sell high-quality ready-mades that can do the job! The installation of your window treatments is also very important. You want to make sure you hang them high enough to elongate the height of your room, but you don’t want them several inches off your floor.


Window treatments can be so fun! Get those windows treated today!


Interior Designer