Turning a House into a Home

     Spring is right around the corner! Everyone is getting the itch to update and clean out their house. With that being said, some people often struggle on how to make their space feel homey. Turning a house into a home can be kind of tricky!

     I like to think as a house of four walls that you live in, but a home is somewhere that tells a story about you, the homeowner. I am writing today to share with you a few quick tips that can make your space more inviting and personal to you! Your house is somewhere you live your life, it needs to be positive and uplifting!

     One of the key things that can make the biggest transformation is paint! Add color to your wall; make it flow through out your house so you have a cohesive theme! Prints, pictures and art hanging on your walls or sitting around makes the space look inviting. It helps write your story, by showcasing what interest you! You could create a gallery wall with family photos or blow up a few on a canvas from a family vacation!

     Displaying items that hold a special meaning to you can help your house feel like a home as well as flowers! A simple flower arrangement can brighten up any room! Add some greenery throughout spaces, maybe a boxwood or a succulent! My go-to are candles and throw pillows! They always make the space feel cozy! Adding these simple touches to your space with make your house feel like a home!

Thanks for reading!

Interior Designer