To Market To Market

     Designers should go to market no matter how often their reps come to visit! Goodness!!! The inspiration is on point and the experience is second to none. I made a deep effort to focus on parts and pieces for my clients’ spaces and to gain design inspiration from my favorite showrooms.

     I truly feel this is important to do, not only for one’s clients, but to renew one’s love for the art and science of interior design. In turn, this will make you the best designer you can be for yourself and your clients, and will create credibility with other designers, colleagues, and the design industry. We are a very unique and blessed group of people who have the coolest careers that allows us to be creative, work with people, and enhance the world with our God-given talents.

     If you are a designer…make it happen. If you are a client…please thank your designer for putting in extra hours to contribute to their education and to enhance their inspiration bank. They are doing it for you and let me tell ya…it is hard work but absolutely wonderful and fun and exciting…I could go on and on…



Interior Designer