Less is More

We’ve all heard it said that “less is more”. This year I am focusing on embracing space and putting that advice into practice. This can be done by paying attention to the unique architecture of your home and allowing your space to talk. Show off the details in your millwork, let the colors of your wood floors stand out, and allow the natural light to enhance your space.

 When decorating your space, you should allow tables to have some bare space and let walls speak for themselves. Blank spaces can be more impactful than you think and can allow the other décor to stand out. Focus on multiple textures when looking at fabrics, not everything has to be a true solid. If you are a lover of neutral colors, there are many different tones you can display. Use functional pieces of furniture to display a clean look. Focus on ottomans that have storage features, cabinets with doors and drawers, and end tables that have storage space. Keep all this in mind to cut down on clutter. After all, less is more!