A family of six needs a home that embraces togetherness while establishing functional areas for different tasks. The desire for an open floor plan can be achieved even when the outcome is in need of such versatility. After all, kids get older, friends are in and out the door, and families grow.

     We are so pleased to have been a part of creating a space that accommodates the needs of our clients. Without having to add on, we established a floor plan that adopted the openness of a new home but used details and color that carry the timeless characteristics of an older home. The change was pretty drastic from compartmentalized rooms to a space full of brightness and pattern.

     This 4-room renovation was so much fun! We spruced up the sun room, just to make it a little more sunny. The living room became a little  more family-friendly. The separate kitchen and dining room became one awesome space for the family to enjoy everyday. Now this house is tailored to fit just right for this family!

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