Maximizing space in a home while retaining its coziness is key when you use the space to entertain or host out-of-town guests. Just by simply getting new furniture and updating the fireplace, we were able to create more space without adding square footage. Before, there was an inefficient use of space and we wanted to be sure to use all of it to its fullest potential.

     The dining room now looks as though it is an extension of the kitchen, again, making the space feel larger as a whole and not as segregated as before. The new single-height, stretched-out island provides a more conversational eating space, all while adding more seats for more family and friends. And now, the wide fireplace looks much more like a focal point!

     The colors incorporated were selected to enhance the home and to make it feel like a haven for relaxation. From the entry to the living room, the bedroom to the music room…this house is as cool as they come and the whole design is a fantastic visualization of the clients who live here: cool, calm and fun!