Once upon a time a Japanese-inspired pagoda had a closed off kitchen, with windows it kept to itself and very little space in which to move around. One day, the client became restless and decided to send for help! L. Ruth Interior Design came in to see what was going on and pulled together some of the most unique sample combinations in all the land. 

     With their talents, they concocted an open floor plan that makes the space feel one with nature… just as this home was meant to feel! From the bamboo floors to the zebra-wood island, we are sure this space will enchant even the most traditional of hearts… Who can resist clean lines, brushed gold, matte and high gloss black cabinets, shoji screen pantry doors, and a custom railing?

     The moral of our story is that you’ve got to let the atmosphere of your space flourish…and we let this beauty soar! What a gorgeous abode! Now, these most deserving clients may live happily ever after!

Feel free to click on the photos to get a closer look!