God blesses us with clients that really are special, that leave a mark on us because we truly get to know them. There is no doubt that this client was put in our lives to be remembered, loved, and become friends. I had the privilege of working side by side with someone who allowed us to interpret his tastes and need for functionality, which would help us achieve the final design. I, personally, learned a lot during this process about life and the importance of a space to be comfortable, familiar, and a home; all while providing something new, fresh, and exciting to look forward to.

     We were able to complete a project for a client who has become a dear friend. I felt as inspired during the administration of its completion as I felt during its planning stages.

     Seeing this project come to its fruition is definitely one of those moments that gives a person a sense of pride and humility. I was graced to bring about newness and chicness in the home to represent its residents. By using some existing pieces throughout the update, I got the pleasure of tying the past, present, and future together for such an amazing friend.

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